What will I learn?

You’re tired of muddling and mumbling your way through pseudo-posture readings.  You want to know what’s what, and talk about what’s what.

Have you ever had a teacher say, “that’s an anteriorly-tilted pelvis” and yet not be able to explain at all how to determine that?  Or have you noticed that the explanation for determining an anteriorly-tilted pelvis seems to show that EVERYONE has an anteriorly-tilted pelvis?

In the Seeing Made Easy course, you’ll learn to quickly and definitively identify:

Without these as a firm foundation, how can anyone expect you to work efficiently, communicate effectively, and build a thriving practice?

By using simple, practical methods, you’ll be able to look at a person walking down the street and quickly identify the postural dysfunctions that are ruining their quality of life.

Seeing Made Easy was exactly what I needed to feel more confident in my Rolfing practice. It feels as though I now own a pair of glasses that gives me magical powers to see my clients with more clarity.

I can quickly see postural patterns that I never would have noticed before this class. Matt Hsu and Isaac Osborne have a wealth of knowledge to share that is well-grounded and tangible.

I hope that all Structural Integrators take advantage of this fabulous class!

Rachel Felson, Certified Rolfer

You’ll also learn simple movement tests that will help you track down the root dysfunctions that currently keep you guessing about where to start your work and when to finish.  You’ll learn how to break down the process of seeing into manageable pieces that give you hugely important pieces of information.

Seeing will be easy, fun, and rewarding.  And, best of all, you won’t have to spend class time walking around in your underwear — unless you really want to (shorts, t-shirts, and tank tops are all okay!).




    Seeing Made Easy has been approved for 21 Category II CE credits!

    “I wish I had taken this class 17 years ago!”

    Bill Kamer, Certified Advanced Rolfer