What’s the class like?

Seeing Made Easy is all about posture: seeing it, verifying what you see, understanding it, and being able to communicate it to others.

Day 1 and 2

The class begins by laying down a clear, consistent, concrete foundation for understanding ideal posture, how to record deviations from it, and how to talk about it succinctly.

After setting the foundation for seeing and palpating postural dysfunctions, we introduce diagnostic movements that help you distinguish the dysfunctions in the posture from the compensations that help keep that person moving through daily life.

Classroom activities include training in recording posture using a unique and simple system (requiring a pen and paper), photo analysis of sample postures, instruction in palpation techniques to verify visual assessments, gait analysis, and demonstration and hands-on practice of straight-forward functional tests to determine where dysfunctions are occurring in the body.

Days 3 and 4 will be dedicated to a unique approach to learning hands-on work.

One student pair will act as practitioner and client with the rest of the class observing for approximately 90 minutes (all students will be both practitioner and client for a session). At that time, all students will be engaged in discussion with the client, practitioner, and instructors in formulating a treatment plan and assessing the success of various strategies based on the individual’s unique structural issues. Students will be able to test their new assessment and planning skills and see what they can accomplish with an intelligent approach to postural work and what they can learn from one another in a collaborative environment.

Class is conducted in an interactive seminar format that encourages discussion of key concepts, practical application of material, and full understanding of the importance of assessing posture.  Hard questions are encouraged and will not be dodged.

What students have said about the class

Seeing Made Easy was exactly what I needed to feel more confident in my Rolfing practice. It feels as though I now own a pair of glasses that give me magical powers to see my clients with more clarity.

I can quickly see postural patterns that I never would have noticed before this class. Matt Hsu & Isaac Osborne have a wealth of knowledge to share that is well-grounded and tangible.

I hope that all Structural Integrators take advantage of this fabulous class!

-Rachel Felson, Certified Rolfer

I wish I had taken this class 17 years ago!

-Bill Kamer, Certified Advanced Rolfer

I definitely learned some new assessment tools…I found the functional tests to be particularly helpful/interesting (maybe because of my own functional bent) and I cannot wait to get back to work so I can try them out.

-Lisa Biow, Certified Advanced Rolfer

I came away from “Seeing Made Easy” with the feeling that my eyes had been washed. Isaac Osborne and Matt Hsu gave me some fresh and simple tools and handy visual and palpatory assessments of clients’ form and function.

Best of all, their open-minded approach makes it easy to integrate their teachings with what each of us brought to the class.

-Michael Boblett, Certified Advanced Rolfer



    Seeing Made Easy has been approved for 21 Category II CE credits!

    “I wish I had taken this class 17 years ago!”

    Bill Kamer, Certified Advanced Rolfer